You Obviously Love What You Do … And It SHOWS


I want to tell you how much I enjoy your monthly newsletter. I am not much of a reader (thick books are overwhelming) and because of your reading and keeping me abreast of what you’ve read, I feel much more knowledgeable. I appreciate the wealth of information you put into your 4-page newsletter, Taxing Times. It’s like reading the Reader’s Digest. It’s well worth the money we pay to have our taxes done just to receive this newsletter each month. It’s fill of important issues related to taxes and finances, updates, and even Buster’s Corner is a hit with me. Thank you so much for sending this via email and by mail. I will tell you I prefer mail, because it’s hard for me to sit at a computer for too long. I will usually print your newsletter out and then read it (if I can’t wait for it to get here by US mail). We love the idea of your Lindsey’s Insider’s Circle too. You obviously love what you do ….. and it SHOWS. Thank you, thank you.


Marwa Gibson-Grandquest, Mobile, AL