Rave Reviews

Took Such a Weight Off My Shoulders

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for preparing our corporate taxes for the past 3 years. Tax laws and all of the requirements small business owners are faced with are overwhelming and just plain scary. When we decided to open our land clearing business 3 years ago, we had no idea what all was involved when it came to the tax requirements and record keeping. We didn’t have financial resources that would allow us to out source our bookkeeping or to hire someone to do it. This is where you and your staff took me under wing and helped to educate me and in the process NEVER made me feel inferior or just plain dumb!

If you will recall at our last meeting a few weeks ago, I expressed my frustration with trying to understand the QuickBooks program I purchased last year. I was so intimidated at the thought of having to learn QuickBooks since the only bookkeeping experience I had prior to this was balancing my checkbook and paying household bills the old fashioned way. I tried using the tutorial offered by QuickBooks, but was still overwhelmed. I do much better in a one-on-one setting where I can ask questions as I go. This is when you offered the assistance of one of your accountants, Paula Waldo. I immediately scheduled an appointment for a 1-hour QuickBooks session with Paula the following week. I left that session excited and confident that I could learn the program. I couldn’t wait to get home and practice what I had leaned and I was so eager to schedule another session. Paula went over the basic steps with such patience and put everything in terms I could easily understand and made me feel so comfortable. QuickBooks was so much easier than I expected. This in itself took such a weight off my shoulders.

When I returned for my second 1-hour session last week, I was actually excited, even though I had a couple of things posted incorrectly Paula quickly found the errors and showed me how to correct them. This is when I learned that anything can be fixed. I left your office feeling smart and eager to learn more….. I would also like to thank Amelia for helping me over the phone with a couple of questions about QuickBooks when Paula was unavailable.

I can’t wait to return for another session. Thank you so much for being a full service CPA. C—Competent, Caring; P—Professional, Personal; A—Accessible, Accurate

Kimberly K. Drinkard, Chunchula, AL

You Obviously Love What You Do … And It SHOWS


I want to tell you how much I enjoy your monthly newsletter. I am not much of a reader (thick books are overwhelming) and because of your reading and keeping me abreast of what you’ve read, I feel much more knowledgeable. I appreciate the wealth of information you put into your 4-page newsletter, Taxing Times. It’s like reading the Reader’s Digest. It’s well worth the money we pay to have our taxes done just to receive this newsletter each month. It’s fill of important issues related to taxes and finances, updates, and even Buster’s Corner is a hit with me. Thank you so much for sending this via email and by mail. I will tell you I prefer mail, because it’s hard for me to sit at a computer for too long. I will usually print your newsletter out and then read it (if I can’t wait for it to get here by US mail). We love the idea of your Lindsey’s Insider’s Circle too. You obviously love what you do ….. and it SHOWS. Thank you, thank you.


Marwa Gibson-Grandquest, Mobile, AL

The Telephone Is Answered By A Person

“The telephone is answered by a person (rather than a machine) and you can talk to whoever you called while you are still on the line.”

Dr. Robert Kominek, Mobile, AL

Exceptional Service and Support

Zevac & Lindsey provides their clients with exceptional service and support in tax and financial matters!”

Gary & Dona Moore, Daphne, AL

I Trust His Abilities

“I rarely call, but when I do, Richard is available quickly. I appreciate that very much! I’ve been a client for almost 40 years. Obviously, I feel good about you to continue such a long professional relationship. I began with Wayne Boggan due to his expertise and integrity. I believe his high values continued with the people he hired and eventually turned the company over to. David was wonderful, I mourn his loss as I know you have. Richard took over me and I have been very pleased so far. He is accessible and on top of things. I trust his abilities and quick responses to any questions or concerns I might have. (And he gets extra credit for Buster) Plus, he’s always positive and cheerful!”

Jo Anne Laughlin, Auburn, AL

You’re Doing a Great Job!

“You’re doing a great job! Thank you for making it easier for us. I love how simple the bill is when it comes.”

Renee Thompson, College Station, TX

Everything is Streamlined

I feel like everything is streamlined. I know just what documents to keep each year and it only takes about an hour or two to complete the tax notebook.”

Daphne Lincoln, Mobile, AL

Personal Contact And Answers To Any Questions

“The tax organizer helps a lot, but your personal contact and answers to any questions is especially appreciated in dealing with this complicated yearly ordeal.”

Name withheld upon request, Mobile, AL

Fast, Friendly Service

“Fast, friendly service. Richard is great and very helpful.”

John Donovan, Theodore, AL

Thanks Again For Your Passion For Your Profession

I want to take a moment to thank you and your staff for your excellent service over the years. I wish I had known you before I bought my first business. Because I inherited several problems and managed to create even more along the way by using the wrong tax professional.

But, with the switch to Zevac & Lindsey, my taxes are always completed on time and my mountain of problems were quickly organized, manageable and explained to me in a clear and concise manner with an effective plan of action.

You made my life easier and I have more peace in an overwhelming sea of IRS confusion because now I have someone I can trust. And someone who knows how to treat each client as their best client whether large or small.

At Zevac & Lindsey, you not only see the numbers and opportunities, more importantly, you also see the people.

Thanks again for your passion for your profession.

Yolanda Richardson, Mobile, AL

Always Felt Very Secure

“I’m a procrastinator, of which I’m not proud, yet I’ve always been treated well, never reprimanded and assisted in every way. I’ve also always felt very secure that it is done right. My work is done so well, neatly and professionally that I feel I am totally prepared if I were to be questioned by the IRS.”

Dianne Tennant, Collegedale, TN

Accessible, Honest, Prudent, and Have a Vision

“Zevac & Lindsey is easily accessible, honest, prudent, and have a vision of the big picture. I receive prompt email responses to questions or concerning info I provided. I know you are there because I hear from you. I provide you with all the details and you find a way to use them to my advantage.”

Barb Jording, Daphne, AL

We Got Back $2,500.00. Way To Go Richard!!

My wife and I usually do our own taxes to save money instead of paying someone to do them for us. About two years ago we did a preliminary tax return and saw that we were going to owe money. I asked Richard to take a look at my taxes to see if we missed something or was doing anything wrong. Richard did our taxes that year, and instead of paying, we were able to get money back.

This year we decided to let Richard do our taxes again. We generally do a preliminary draft to see where we are. After we finished, I realized that we owed, and asked Richard about us adding money to our IRA to break even on our tax return. He said that he would take a look, but to wait and see how the tax return he did for us came out first. Richard keeps up with all the new tax laws that we didn’t know about, and boy does he ever. Not only did we not owe any taxes, we got back $2,500.00. Way to go Richard!! I would recommend him to anyone.”

Todd Nicholas, Semmes, AL

I Appreciate the Tax Advice

“I appreciate the tax advice in your recent newsletter regarding homestead exemption for homeowners over 65. We took advantage of it, and have passed the tip along to all of our friends. It amazes me that none of us have ever heard of it before! I look forward to receiving your newsletters, hoping to find ways to save more on taxes!”

JoAnne M. Cagle, Mobile, AL

Accurately Done

“I feel confident my returns are accurately done. I don’t worry about getting a call from the IRS!!”

Obie McWhorter, Wilmer, AL

In Terms I Can Understand

“Whenever I have a question, the answer is always in terms I can understand without making me feel stupid.”

Barbara Johnson, Mobile, AL

Peace of Mind

Thank you for peace of mind. I know I have nothing to be concerned about.”

Carolyn Thaggard, Saraland, AL

Extremely Satisfied

“Extremely satisfied. I refer all of my clients and people I hear needing tax services to Richard.”

Jamie Frampton, Mobile, AL

You The Bomb

“You the bomb.”

Cherie Dickson, Mobile, AL

Thank You For A Job Well Done

“Thank you for the review, I do not feel worthy of 77 pages of report. The process is amazing and I am sure I could never return to the days of writing down my checks in a check book and doing my own taxes on a single evening. Thank you for a job well done.”

Lynda B. Burkett, Mobile, AL